Award-winning practices

The Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP) have awarded Lucion Environmental and our client; Hull City Council, The Partnership and Collaboration of the Year Award 2019 highlighting NexGen as a strong reliable solution in the risk management market.

Matt Jukes
Chief Executive Hull City Council

I am delighted to congratulate you on being awarded The Partnership & Collaboration Award 2019 from the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals.

Through working with you as our partner, the QR codes which are being placed on fireboxes is groundbreaking. Contractors can instantly bring up the asbestos survey complete with 3D modelling to show exactly the location of asbestos within that building.

This is another major step forward in how we manage our properties with the safety of our residents and partners at the heart of what we do.

Our Software Developers

Our NexGen developers, known affectionately as the NexGents, are an innovative group of intelligent tech-savvy software developmers.


The NexGents regularly liaise with clients providing them with free training on how to use the compliance software, access reports, manage permissions for access and manage their data imports and exports.


Having the NexGents based in-house is massively beneficial to our clients and our organisation as developments and improvements can be continuously made, aiding our growth as one of the UK market leaders in risk management.

Meet NexGen Software Development Manager, Paul Hayball, and read about how the compliance management software has been developed and continues to make waves in the risk management software industry.

Our clients say…
NexGen as a system is a major advantage over other risk management consultancies - it’s usability and design are superb.

Software with Cyber Essential Plus Certification has undergone testing and verification from independent cybersecurity Certification Body who have conducted penetration testing to ensure the software performs and resists viruses, malware, and hacking.