Enhanced CAD Plan

Our Enhanced CAD Plan is a transparent digital CAD plan to support our survey reports. The latest design offers greater detail and ease of production than previously supplied, without compromising on cost, or the rapid turn around times that you require.

Our Enhanced CAD Plan includes:

  • CAD drawing including room locations, now clearly identified in blue text

  • External and internal walls legibly defined with different line types/weights

  • No access rooms/areas distinctly labelled with a unique identifying symbol
  • ‘Out of survey scope’ hatching to more clearly indicate areas that were not included in the survey
  • Red hatching is now used to clearly show an area where there is a positively identified Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)
  • Greater detail on samples taken in a room
  • Samples, cross references, strongly presumed, presumed or previously sampled items are all now annotated on the plan in an approximate location
  • The unique ID for each sample is listed on the plan, coloured green for negative and red for positive analysis results.

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