Property Risk Management

No matter what sector you’re in, keeping your properties up to date with the required safety compliance standards can be a headache.

Our pioneering risk and asbestos management software Nexgen is developed by in-house Lucion Services developers and allows our clients to track the ongoing risks and multiple hazards associated with their property portfolio.

Nexgen links this overview to your properties’ timeline and workflow, ensuring you have all the information needed to implement safety improvements and give your portfolio a clean bill of health.

NexGen | Animated Explainer
Track the ongoing risks and hazards associated with your portfolio properties.
Integrate seemlessly with your own property timelines and workflow. Data export is fast and simple.
Access past and present data, reports and photographs collated by member’s of the Lucion team.
Track key Lucion personnel who manage your estate so you can efficiently reassess, recall or report on any element of your project.
Implement safety improvements and meet compliance standards to give your portfolio a clean bill of health.
Nexgen creates route plans to allocate resources to optimise efficiency and cost.

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