Nexplore 3D Modelling

We know that communicating your risk management and hazards data can be a chore. Often, inaccurate or vague information can leave room for exposure risks. Or in some cases, entire rooms or even buildings may be deemed unsafe to enter due to a lack of accurate information.

With NexPlore risk management, your data is visualised in 3D. Our highly accurate 3D and 2D models incorporated with your risk management data, your teams and contractors can enter your buildings knowing exactly where in a wall or floor the risks are.

You will be able to discuss with your teams on the ground from a remote office and be able to picture what potential hazards and risks they have discovered with little to no effort.

Other benefits include:
Complimentary 2D Measured Plan, accurate to 20mm
3D Visualisation
Minimises Risks, through enhanced and easier asset management.
Manage Your Risks Remotely – can be populated with all compliance data
Bespoke To Your Building/Asset
Future-proof COBie-compliant geometric data
Promotes Cohesive Collaboration Between Office and Site Teams
Real Time Data – model updates automatically
Free Cloud-Based Software Accessible 24/7
Accessible To Teams/External Contractors/ Inspectors/ Stakeholders